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Informational Meetings

What takes place at our monthly informational meetings?

1.  Time for Fellowship - Informational meetings are a great time to meet the folks interested in being a part of this new church.  It's a wonderful time for the adults to talk and get to know one another better while the kids will have time to hang out and play.

2.  Teaching on Core Values - Our pastor, Steve Thiel, will spend time teaching on the core values of Christ Proclamation Church including the direct applications and implications of those core values as they will work themselves out in the life of the church.

3.  Opportunity to Ask Questions - Informational meetings are a great time for people to ask questions about this new church.  Where will we be meeting?  What is the upcoming timeline?  When does the church plan to start meeting on Sunday mornings?  All these questions, and any others that you ask, will be answered during our time together.

4.  Time for Prayer - This is the most important thing that we can and must do when we gather together.  At Proclamation, we believe that if the Lord is not at work in this process, then nothing will be accomplished.  Therefore, we will spend time in each meeting asking Him to lead, guide, and direct every one of our steps.

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