At Proclamation, we assist parents in the work they are called to do in raising their children (Deuteronomy 6:5-7; Ephesians 6:4). We believe that kids are a gift from the Lord and an important part of our community. It is our desire to make church a fun and encouraging, yet nurturing and biblically educational place. Your kids are certainly welcome to sit with you in the sanctuary, but we are also delighted to provide the following options for families.

Nursery (Birth - Age 2)

Proclamation provides childcare during the worship service for children ranging from birth through age two. During this time, your children are well taken care of by kind and gentle workers who will rock, play, and pray for your babies. You will need to sign your infants in before the service and then sign them out when you pick them up afterwards. If you leave your cellphone on vibrate during the service, the workers will text you in the event of a need.  

Children (Ages 3 - Kindergarten)

Kinder Kids (Age 3 - K) begin the service with their parents. After the singing time, they are escorted to their classrooms by friendly teachers where they will go through The Gospel Project for Kids published by LifeWay. They will learn how Christ fits in to the entire gospel story from creation to eternity. In addition, they will learn catechism questions and have take home worksheets to continue their study throughout the week with their parents. Our desire is to come alongside families in the equipping of their children to understand the gospel, learn basic Christian theology, and know how to read their Bibles.  

Younger Kids (1-3 Grade) and Older Kids (4-6 Grade)

It truly is our pleasure to care for your kids and instruct them in the good news of gospel in a way that is age appropriate. In our Younger Kids (1-3 Grade) and Older Kids (4-6 Grade) classes, we incorporate singing, teaching, interaction, and memorization into each of our times together. Our goal is to walk through the entire Bible every three years using the wonderful curriculum of The Gospel Project for Kids published by LifeWay. Your kids will learn how Christ fits into the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. They will also interact on great theology. Our desire is to equip your kids to understand and respond to the gospel while learning how to read their bibles for themselves.


The goal of Proclamation Kids Club is to provide opportunities for our K - 6th graders to make and grow in friendship as they come together once a month to play games, hear the gospel, and memorize the Bible. We hope to encourage talk of God’s word to be commonplace among them as they work together to earn pizza and ice cream for their movie night by completing weekly Bible memorization challenges.

Please feel free to email the church office if you have any further questions.