Music Ministry

Who We Are

At Proclamation, the heartbeat of our music is gospel-driven and gospel-oriented congregational singing. We recognize that people have preferences regarding the style, instrumentation, and liturgy of music in church, so we work hard to balance the old with the new. Whether accompanied by piano alone or a band with drums and guitar, you will find us declaring the truths of the gospel from classic hymns and psalms, as well as modern hymns and contemporary worship songs.

Proclamation Playlist and Songs for Sunday

The Proclamation Playlist is a great place to listen to all the songs we sing as a congregation in our regular Sunday morning services. Our prayer is that the songs we sing would bring glory to God, unity to the church, and point us to the gospel and the preached Word. The Playlist is available for listening on YouTube and Spotify. We hope it is a blessing to you!

In addition to the Proclamation Playlist, our Songs for Sunday Playlist is available for you to listen in advance to the songs we will be singing on any given Sunday. This Playlist is also available for listening on YouTube and Spotify.

Get Involved

Whether you specialize in singing, playing an instrument, or running audio equipment, we want to give you the most opportunity to use your gifts for God's glory. If you are interested in serving in the music ministry, please contact Luke Powers, our worship director.




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