Our Passion

Our passion is to grow a gospel-driven church, in both quantity and quality, in the region between Hartford, Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts that has a passion to minister the historic, biblical gospel to the people of Greater Hartford.


We are also passionate about facilitating the growth of gospel-driven churches, in both quantity and quality, in the Connecticut River Valley through assisting or revitalizing existing churches, as well as planting new churches in strategic locations like college towns, places of economic and social vitality, and areas with solid population bases.

Did you know?  Connecticut is one of the least religious states in the United States, with the seventh lowest percentage of evangelicals. And Greater Hartford is one of its least religious regions; it is the third least Bible-minded and has the second lowest percentage of evangelicals. If we are ever going to reach these people with the glorious good news of the gospel, we need not only one church, but hundreds of churches dotting the landscape faithfully preaching the saving message of Christ.


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