Our Story

The story of Christ Proclamation Church begins in a small town in Vermont in 2000, when both Steve and Linda Thiel came to faith at Christ Memorial Church.

Steve and Linda quickly developed a passion for ministering the gospel, and in 2004 Steve felt called to full-time ministry as the youth pastor at Christ Memorial. While serving in that capacity, he learned and was mentored alongside residents with The NETS Institute for Church Planting under Wes Pastor, the founding pastor of Christ Memorial and the president of NETS.

As their desire and vision for church planting grew, Steve and Linda recognized the need for Steve to have formal theological training. They moved to Kentucky for several years while Steve completed his Masters of Divinity at Southern Seminary. After graduation, the Thiels returned to Vermont to serve the church where they came to faith and prepare to be sent to Connecticut as church planters with NETS. Their two years at NETS strengthened their family, their faith, and Steve's ministry skills, while preparing them for the rigors of church planting in New England. They also offered opportunities to travel to Connecticut, connect with local pastors, determine a general location for the new church, and begin to fall in love with the people.

In August of 2013, Steve and Linda moved to Greater Hartford for the specific purpose of planting a gospel-driven church in the I-91 corridor north of the city. They now live in Windsor, Connecticut where they are actively involved in the community. Their heart's desire and prayer is that God might use them and Christ Proclamation Church for the salvation of sinners and the sanctification of saints to be an integral part of a powerful movement of the Spirit of God in the Connecticut River Valley!

Feel free to contact us to find out more about Proclamation and our upcoming events.