Showing He Is Grace And Truth

February 1, 2015 Preacher: Dr. Brent Allen Series: John

Topic: John Passage: John 2:1–2:25

Showing He Is Grace And Truth
Christ Proclamation Church
John 2:1-25
February 1, 2015

Sermon Theme: Jesus begins His public ministry demonstrating grace and truth while teaching that without the new birth, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

I.     JESUS SHOWED GOD'S GRACE - (vv.1-11)

          A.     By His Presence - (vv.1-5)

          B.     By His Miraculous Gift - (vv.6-10)

          C.     By His Purpose - (v.11)

Summary - Changing the water in the "cleansing" jars into wine teaches us that we must believe in Jesus to receive cleansing and new birth.


          A.     By Confronting What Was Wrong and Sinful - (vv.12-15)

          B.     Because of His Relationship to the Father - (vv.16-17)

          C.     While Proclaiming His Death, Burial, and Resurrection - (vv.18-21)

Summary - The cleansing of the temple teaches us that God wants all people to know and worship Him. 


Summary - Jesus saw past the superficial and understood the need of the people to truly believe.

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