Prepare for Persecution

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: John

Topic: John Passage: John 15:18–16:4

Prepare for Persecution
Christ Proclamation Church
John 15:18-16:4
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sermon Theme: True believers are so identified with Christ that Jesus warns them to be prepared for the same persecution that He endured. And yet, their faithful testimony will result in others to be convicted of their sin and putting their faith in Christ.

I.      Backdrop to Persecution – (John 15:1–17)

          A.   Context for Persecution Heart – (John 15:1-16)

          B.   Contrast Between Love and Hate – (John 15:17)

II.    Reality of Persecution – (John 15:18-25)

          A.   Hated by the World – (John 15:18)

          B.   Chosen Out of the World – (John 15:19)

          C.   Slave Not Greater Than Master – (John 15:20)

          D.   Christ is the Dividing Point – (John 15:21-25)

III.    Prepare for Persecution – (John 15:26-16:4)

          A.   Spirit's Testimony – (John 15:26)

          B.   Disciples' Testimony – (John 15:27)

          C.   Jesus' Warning – (John 16:1-4)

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