Redeemer Needed

January 17, 2016 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: The Book of Ruth

Topic: The Book of Ruth Passage: Ruth 1:1–1:22

Christ Proclamation Church
Ruth 1:1-22 
Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sermon Theme: We are all in desperate need of a Redeemer, One who is willing and able to deliver us from our desperate situation and purchase, provide, and protect us from all future bitterness and calamity.

I.      REALITY OF BITTERNESS - (Ruth 1:1-5)

            A.     Context of Bitterness – (v.1)

            B.     Collapse into Bitterness – (vv.2-5)

                       1.     Departure to Moab

                       2.     Death of Husband

                       3.     Daughters-in-Law are Barren

                       4.     Death of Sons

II.    REASON FOR BITTERNESS - (Ruth 1:6-18)

            A.     Encourages Daughters to Return - (vv.6-10)

            B.     Explains Hopeless Situation - (vv.11-14)

            C.     Exchange Between Ruth and Naomi - (vv.15-18)


            A.     Switch from "Pleasant" to "Bitter" - (vv.19-20)

            B.     Summary of the Situation - (v.21)

            C.     Setup for the Redeemer - (v.22)


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