I Am the Way, The Truth, and The Life

April 9, 2017 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Easter 2017

Topic: Easter 2017 Passage: John 13:36– 14:31

I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life
Christ Proclamation Church
John 13:36-14:31
April 9, 2017

Sermon Theme: The remedy for a troubled heart is faith in Jesus Christ, trusting the promises of God that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that there's a place prepared for us in heaven. Therefore, true believers in Christ are free to live godly lives that are characterized by peace.

I. Remedy for a Troubled Heart –(13:36-14:14)
    A. Reality of a Troubled Heart – (vv.36-38)
    B. Command to Believe in Jesus – (v.1)
    C. Reasons to Believe in Jesus – (vv.2-11)
        1. Jesus Prepares a Place for You
        2. Jesus Promises Himself
        3. Jesus Provides a Way
        4. Jesus Proves that He is God
    D. Call to do Greater Works than Jesus – (vv.12-14)

II. Reality of a Believing Heart – (14:15-31)
    A. Has the Gift of the Holy Spirit – (vv.15-17)
    B. Has and Keeps God's Commands– (vv.18-25)
    C. Has the Peace of Christ – (vv.26-28)
    D. Has Confirmation and Confidence – (vv.29-31)

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