Mission Impossible: Secure a Bride

July 30, 2017 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Genesis

Topic: Genesis Passage: Genesis 24:1–67

Mission Impossible: Secure a Bride
Christ Proclamation Church
Genesis 24:1-67
Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sermon Theme: The impossible mission of securing a bride for Isaac points us to the unbelievable lengths that God has gone to secure a bride, the church, for His beloved Son, who willingly purchased her with His own dear blood.

I. Bride Mission Given – (Genesis 24:1-9)
    A. Mission Stated – (Gen. 24:1-4)
    B. Mission Conflict – (Gen. 24:5)
    C. Mission Confidence – (Gen. 24:6-9)

II. Bride Mission Accepted – (Genesis 24:10-61)
    A. Bride Identified – (vv.10-28)
        1. Servant's prayer for God's covenant faithfulness
        2. God's appointed bride provided
        3. God's appointed bride confirmed
        4. Servant's worship for God's covenant faithfulness
    B. Bride Approved – (vv.29-61)
        1. God's covenant faithfulness repeated
        2. Family approves God's appointed bride
        3. New Mission conflict
        4. Rebekah confirms she's God's appointed bride

III. Bride Mission Accomplished – (Genesis 24:62-67)
    A. Bride Offered – (vv.62-65)
    B. Bride Accepted – (vv.66-67)
    C. Bride Mission Continues – (application)

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