The New People of God

April 8, 2018 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: 1 Peter

Topic: 1 Peter Passage: 1 Peter 1:22–2:10

The New People of God
Christ Proclamation Church
1 Peter 1:22-2:10
April 8, 2018

The gospel is the power of God for salvation and for sanctification, marked by our love for one another and our ongoing reconciled relationships. The gospel is also the power of God to make us the people of God, marked by holiness and gospel proclamation.

I. Love as the Family of God – (1:22-25)
    A. Because You Obeyed the Truth – (1:22)
    B. Because You Are Born Again – (1:23)
    C. By the Living Word of God – (1:24-25)

II. Long for the Word of God – (2:1-3)
    A. Cast Out Evil Attitudes and Actions – (2:1)
    B. Crave the Pure Milk of the Word – (2:2a)
    C. Causes Growth to Eternal Salvation – (2:2b-3)

III. Live as the People of God – (2:4-10)
    A. The Holy Temple of God – (2:4-8)
       1. Jesus is the cornerstone
       2. Believers are the living stones
    B. The Holy Priesthood of Believers – (2:9-10)

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