Entrusting Our Souls to God

June 10, 2018 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: 1 Peter

Topic: 1 Peter Passage: 1 Peter 5:1–14

Christ Proclamation Church
1 Peter 5:1-14 
June 10, 2018

Sermon Theme: As believers in Jesus Christ, we are called to entrust our souls to God, by humbly submitting to His good and perfect plan for our lives, which at its core requires humility, joyfully serving others in the midst of suffering, looking forward to the hope of eternal glory.

I. Exhortation to the Shepherds – (1 Peter 5:1-4)
   A. Exhortation from a Fellow Shepherd – (v.1)
   B. Exhortation to Shepherd the Flock – (vv.2-3)
       1. Not under compulsion, but willingly
       2. Not for shameful gain, but eagerly
       3. Not as arrogant lords, but as examples
   C. Explanation of Future Exaltation – (v.4)

II. Exhortation to the Sheep – (1 Peter 5:5-11)
   A. Exhortation to the Younger Sheep – (v.5a)
   B. Exhortation to All the Sheep – (vv.5b-9)
       1. Humble yourself toward one another
       2. Humble yourself under God’s plan
       3. Humble yourself in light of the devil
   C. Explanation of Future Exaltation – (vv.10-11)

III. Exhortation to Everyone – (1 Peter 5:12-14)
   A. Exhortation to Stand Firm – (v.12)
   B. Final Greetings – (vv.13-14)

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