Growing Kingdom Conflict

November 25, 2018 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Mark

Topic: Mark Passage: Mark 2:13–3:6

Growing Kingdom Conflict
Christ Proclamation Church
Mark 2:13-3:6
November 25, 2018

Sermon Theme – Jesus Christ, the one true King, is inaugurating a new age of salvation that is fundamentally incompatible with the old, demonstrated in His offer of salvation to anyone who believes. This reorientation of living for God and offering the gospel to sinners is met with great hostility, and still is today.

I. Conflict Introduced – (Mark 2:1-12)
   A. Because Jesus Forgives Sin – (2:1-5)
   B. Beginning of Kingdom Conflict – (2:6-12)

II. Conflict Intensified – (Mark 2:13-28)
   A. Because Jesus Eats With Sinners – (2:13-17)
      1. Q – Why does Jesus eat with sinners?
      2. A – Jesus is the great Soul Physician.
   B. Because Jesus' Disciples Don't Fast – (2:18-22)
      1. Q – Why don't the disciples fast?
      2. A – Jesus is the eschatological Bridegroom.
   C. Because Jesus Broke the Sabbath – (2:23-28)
      1. Q – Why don't the disciples obey the Sabbath?
      2. A – Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.

III. Conflict Climaxed – (Mark 3:1-6)
   A. Because Jesus Healed on the Sabbath – (3:1-5)
   B. Beginning of Conspiracy to Kill Jesus – (3:6)

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