Zechariah's Song: Rejoicing in Our Salvation

December 23, 2018 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Songs of The Nativity: 2018

Topic: Christmas Passage: Luke 1:57–80

Christ Proclamation Church
Luke 1:57-79
December 23, 2018

God has visited and redeemed His people in the coming of the Lord Jesus, who brings the forgiveness of sins, the hope of eternal life, and the ability to walk in the way of peace and serve God in holiness. Therefore, our mouths should be filled with joyful praise for God’s glorious gift of salvation.

I. THE BIRTH OF JOHN – (Luke 1:57-66)
   A. Joy Over God’s Mercy – (1:57-58)
   B. Fear Over God’s Miracle – (1:59-65)
   C. Question Over God’s Child – (1:66)

II. THE SONG OF ZECHARIAH – (Luke 1:67-79)
   A. Jesus is the Horn of God’s Salvation – (1:67-75)
       1. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel
       2. Blessed be the Horn of God’s Salvation
       3. Blessed be the People Who Serve Their Savior
   B. John is the Prophet of the Most High – (1:76-79)
       1. John Prepares the Way of the Lord
       2. Jesus Gives Light to the World
       3. Jesus Guides Our Feet in the Way of Peace

   A. To Know the Forgiveness of Sins
   B. To Walk in Righteousness
   C. To Serve God Without Fear

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