True Authority

May 5, 2019 Speaker: Christoph Hyder Series: Mark

Topic: Mark Passage: Mark 11:1–11:33

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 5/5/2019
Mark 11:1-33

Sermon Theme – A right response to Jesus is not to simply see Him as the God of the Old Testament who is filled with wrath and judgment or the God of the New Testamanet who is filled with love and mercy. Jesus is both our righteous judge and our merciful Savior, who has all authority both to judge and to save!

I. Authority Revealed - (Mark 11:1-11)
  A. Demonstration of the Messiah – (Mark 11:1-10)
       1. The Time of Passover
       2. The Humility of a Colt
       3. The Shouting of Hosanna
   B. Disappointment of the Messiah – (Mark 11:11)

II. Authority Exercised - (Mark 11:12-25)
   A. The Fruitless Tree – (Mark 11:12-14)
   B. The Fruitless Temple – (Mark 11:15-19)
       1. Disruption of Worship
       2. Corruption of Leaders
   C. The Fruitful Follower (11:20-25)
       1. Faith
       2. Prayer
       3. Forgiveness

III. Authority Rejected - (Mark 11:27-33)
   A. Question for the Messiah – (Mark 11:27-28)
   B. Question from the Messiah – (Mark 11:29-33)

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