Trusting God's Word

June 2, 2019 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Mark

Topic: Mark Passage: Mark 13:1–13:23

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 6/2/2019
Mark 13:1-23

Sermon Theme – Jesus predicts the coming 70 A.D. judgment with tremendous clarity. As we consider this event, we realize everything God says will certainly come to pass. Therefore, we must be people who know the Word, believe the Word, trust in the Word, and live the Word for our eternal spiritual wellbeing.

I. Questions About the 70 A.D. Judgment - (Mark 13:1-4)
   A. The Glory of the Temple 
   B. The Destruction of the Temple 
   C. The Questions About this Destruction 

II. Signs Around the 70 A.D. Judgment - (Mark 13:5-13)
   A. Don't Be Deceived by Non-Signs 
       1. False Messiahs & Global Instability
       2. Christian Persecution & Perseverance
   B. Don't Miss the One True Sign 
       1. Description of the Sign
           a. Daniel's Abomination (Daniel 11:29-31)
           b. Mark's Abomination (Mark 13:14a)
       2. Response to the Sign
           a. Flee from Jerusalem
           b. Pray for Mercy
           c. Resist the Imposters

III. Reality of the 70 A.D. Judgment - (Mark 13:23)
    A. Jesus' Words Were True Then
    B. Jesus' Words Are True Now (Application)

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