Ready for Christ's Return

June 9, 2019 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Mark

Topic: Mark Passage: Mark 13:24–13:37

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 6/9/2019
Mark 13:24-37

Sermon Theme – Christ’s return and the judgment of the world is the next event on the redemptive calendar. Since He will come like a thief in the night, with only the Father knowing, we must be ready for His return by believing the gospel, living for the Kingdom, and longing for His coming!

I. Ready for the 70 A.D. Judgment (Mark 13:1-22)
   A. Question About the Judgment (13:1-4)
   B. Signs Around the Judgment (13:5-23)
       1. Don't be deceived by non-signs (13:5-13)
       2. Don't miss the one true sign (13:14-22)

II. Ready for the Final Judgment (Mark 13:24-37)
   A. Reality of Coming After 70 A.D. (13:24-32)
       1. As the prophets foretold (13:24-27; Isaiah 13:9-11)
       2. As the fig tree illustrates (13:28-31)
       3. As the Father only knows (13:32)
   B. Requires a Response of Readiness (13:33-37)
       1. Given the uncertainty of the timing (13:33)
       2. Given the parable of stewardship (13:34-37)

III. Challenge to Our Commitment
   A. Be Trusting in the Gospel
   B. Be Laboring for His Kingdom
   C. Be Longing for His Return

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