Christ Our Passover Lamb

June 16, 2019 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Mark

Topic: Mark Passage: Mark 14:1–25

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 6/16/2019
Mark 14:1-25

Sermon Theme – Jesus is the ultimate and final Passover Lamb who came to deliver God’s people from the penalty of death and their enslavement to sin through His once for all substitutionary death on the cross.  In response, we should have a whole-hearted devotion to Him as our glorious Savior!

I. Passover Anticipation (Mark 14:1-11)
   A. Jesus is Marked for Death (14:1-2)
   B. Jesus is Anointed for Burial (14:3-9)
       1. Demonstration of Total Devotion
       2. Anticipation of Christ's Death
   C. Jesus Is Betrayed by Judas (14:10-11)

II. Passover Execution (Mark 14:12-25)
   A. Preparation of the Passover (14:12-16)
   B. Prediction of Judas' Betrayal (14:17-21)
   C. Execution of the Passover (14:22-25)

III. Passover Explanation (Application)
   A. Jesus Is the One True Spotless Lamb of God
   B. Jesus Is the One Identified with His People
   C. Jesus Is the One Willing Substitute
   D. Jesus Is the One Who Delivers from Slavery

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