Learning to Rest in Christ

September 8, 2019 Preacher: Aaron Campbell Series: Guest Preaching

Topic: Christian Living Passage: Psalm 131:1–131:3

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 9/8/2019
Psalm 131:1-3

Sermon Theme – We live in a world full of anxiety, chronic overwork, and constant entertainment. The good news is that the gospel offers us rest from all of this. David provides of a picture of what it means to rest in God- it requires humility, and is a discipline that takes time. And the good news is that this rest is available to all who hope in Christ for salvation. Therefore let’s seek Christ and find our rest in Him.

I. Rest Comes to the Humble (Psalm 131:1)
   A. Humble Affections
   B. Humble Ambitions
   C. Humble Actions

II. Rest Requires Discipline (Psalm 131:2)
   A. The Need for Intentionality
   B. The Product of Maturity

III. You Can Get in on This! (Psalm 131:3)

IV. Ways to Pursue Rest in Christ

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