The Wisdom of God

September 15, 2019 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Behold Our God, Come Let Us Adore Him

Topic: Attributes of God Passage: Genesis 37:2–50:20, Acts 2:22–2:41, Ephesians 3:7–3:11

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 9/15/2019
Acts 2:23; Genesis 50:20; Ephesians 3:10

Sermon Theme – Wisdom is the ability to see, and the inclination to choose, the greatest ultimate good. God, in His infinite wisdom, is able to use the lowest of human sinfulness to accomplish His most glorious work of redemption. This is seen throughout the Bible, but it seen most clearly in Christ’s rejection and crucifixion so that we might receive the greatest blessing of eternal salvation.

I. Explanation of the Wisdom of God
   A. Man's Wisdom (Proverbs 16:25; Acts 1:18)
   B. God's Wisdom (Job 9:14; 12:13; Proverbs 21:1)

II. Illustration of the Wisdom of God
   A. In the Life of Joseph (Genesis 37:2 - 50:20)
       1. Man's Intentional Evil (Genesis 37:2-28)
       2. God's Sovereign Good (Genesis 41:39-57; 50:20)
   B. In the Life of Jesus (Acts 2:22-41; 4:27-28)
       1. Man's Intentional Evil (Matthew 26:3-4)
       2. God's Sovereign Good (Acts 2:22-23)
   C. In the Life of the Church (Ephesians 3:7-11)

III. Application of the Wisdom of God
   A. Be Humble - Remember Who You Are!
   B. Be Resting - Remember Who God Is!

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