The Divine Son

December 29, 2019 Preacher: Richie Pendred Series: What Child Is This?

Topic: Advent 2019 Passage: Isaiah 7:10–17

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 12/29/2019
Isaiah 7:10-17

Sermon Theme: The incarnation of the Lord Jesus is the greatest display of God's wisdom and faithfulness. The Divine Son has been promised, fulfilled, and will be continually faithful to those He came to save. He is truly worthy of our worship, for who He is and what He's done, both now and forevermore!

I. The Divine Son Promised – (Isaiah 7:10-17)
  A. The Historic Context
  B. The Response of an Unfaithful King
  C. The Shadow and the Substance

II. The Divine Son Fulfilled (Matthew 1:18-25)
  A. A Supernatural Birth – (vv. 18-20)
  B. A Purposeful Birth – (vv. 21-23)
  C. A Preserved Birth – (vv. 24-25)

III. The Divine Son Embraced (Application)
  A. Embraced in Salvation
  B. Embraced in Sanctification

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