Knowing the God of Prayer

March 15, 2020 Preacher: Tyler Clark Series: Ezra & Nehemiah

Topic: Nehemiah Passage: Nehemiah 9:1–38

Knowing the God of Prayer
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 3/15/2020
Nehemiah 9

Sermon Theme: When God's Word is read, revealing the faithfulness, righteousness and mercy of God, the people understand their sinfulness and helplessness more clearly, responding in the only appropriate way: a prayerful plea for mercy. We, too, must cling to the righteousness and mercy of God - seen most brilliantly in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I. The Condition of Prayer - (Nehemiah 9:1-5)

II. The Cornerstone of Prayer - (Nehemiah 9:6-31)
   A. God's Perfect Character 
      1. The Faithfulness of God 
      2. The Goodness of God
      3. The Mercy of God
   B. Man's Flawed Character
      1. The Double-Mindedness of Man 
      2. The Wickedness of Man 
      3. The Helplessness of Man

III. The Compulsion to Prayer 
   A. A Plea Unanswered – (Luke 22:42; Matthew 27:46)
   B. A Plea Answered – (Luke 18:13-14)

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