Amazing Grace

May 30, 2021 Preacher: Steve Thiel

Topic: Luke Passage: Luke 5:1–5:11

Amazing Grace
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 5/30/2021
Luke 5:1-11

Sermon Theme: Despite our ignorance, arrogance, and half-hearted obedience, God's amazing grace to us in the Lord Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross is what spurs us on to be faithful followers who willingly reach out to the lost.

I. SINKING BOATS - (Luke 5:1-7)
    A. Peter's Ignorance and Arrogance - (vv. 1-5a)
    B. Peter's Half-Hearted Obedience - (v. 5b)
    C. Jesus' Abundant Kindness - (vv. 6-7)

II. SAVING MEN - (Luke 5:8-11)
    A. Peter's Confession of Sin - (vv. 8-10a)
    B. Jesus' Amazing Grace - (v. 10b)
    C. Peter's Faith to Follow Christ - (v. 11)

III. SAVORING CHRIST - (Application)
    A. Be Amazed by Grace
    B. Be a Faithful Follower of Christ
    C. Be a Fisher of Men