Emergence of a Deliverer

November 7, 2021 Preacher: Richie Pendred Series: Exodus: The Gospel According to Moses

Passage: Exodus 2:1–2:25

Emergence of a Deliverer
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 11/7/2021
Exodus 2:1–25

Sermon Theme: A deliverer emerges in the midst of Egypt to save the people of God from the hands of Pharaoh. Moses' birth and exile point us toward the chief rescuer, the Lord Jesus, who humbly came, identified with His people, and delivered them from the penalty, power, and presence of sin forevermore!

I. BIRTH OF THE DELIVERER - (Exodus 2:1–10)
    A. A Priestly Heritage - (v. 1)
    B. A Humble Birth - (vv. 2–4)
    C. A Royal Beginning - (vv. 5–10)

II. EXILE OF THE DELIVERER - (Exodus 2:11–25)
    A. Rejects the World - (vv. 11–14)
        1. Identifies with His People
        2. Fights for His People
    B. Lives in Exile - (vv. 15–22)
        1. Guides as a Shepherd
        2. Serves as a Leader
    C. God's Desire to Deliver - (vv. 23–25)
        1. Initiates Redemption
        2. Remembers His Covenant

    A. Enslaved to Sin
    B. Slaves of Righteousness

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