The Nearness of God

March 6, 2022 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Exodus: The Gospel According to Moses

Passage: Exodus 19:1–25

The Nearness of God
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 3/6/2022
Exodus 19:1–25

Sermon Theme: God is a God who saves and God is a God who sanctifies. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Therefore, we are in desperate need of a Mediator, the Lord Jesus, who perfectly satisfies God’s righteous demands so that the nearness of God is our eternal good!

I. GOD'S DESIRE - (Exodus 19:1–8)
    A. Fulfillment of God's Promise - (Exod. 19:1–3)
    B. Declaration of God's Desire - (Exod. 19:4–6)
        1. What the Lord Accomplished - (Exod. 19:4)
        2. What the Lord Requires - (Exod. 19:5a)
        3. What the Lord Promises - (Exod. 19:5b–6)
    C. Commitment of God's People - (Exod. 19:7–8)

II. GOD'S PREPARATION - (Exodus 19:9–15)
    A. God Promises His Presence - (Exod. 19:9–11)
    B. God Warns of His Penalty - (Exod. 19:12–13)
    C. God Instructs His People - (Exod. 19:14–15)
        1. To Wash Their Garments - (Exod. 19:14)
        2. To Abstain from Sexual Relations - (Exod. 19:15)

III. GOD'S PRESENCE - (Exodus 19:16–25)
    A. God Reminding - (Exod. 19:21–25)
    B. God Descending - (Exod. 19:16–20)

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