It Is Finished

April 7, 2023 Preacher: Josh C. Series: Easter Series

Passage: John 19:1–30

It Is Finished
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 4/7/2023

Sermon Theme: Hours before Jesus' crucifixion, many voices reflected on what they were feelong. Some hated and sought vengeance , some feared and wanted the situation to be over, but one voice stood out, the voice of Jesus. We hear His voice of truth, compassion, humanity, and victory. Therefore, let us listen to the voice of Jesus and believe that we may live in the victory He provides. 


I. The Voice of the Religious Leaders 

    A. Of Disbelief 

    B. Of Hatred

    C. Of Vengeance


II. The Voice of Pilate

    A. Of Disinterest

    B. Of Fear

    C. Of Resignation



III. The Voice of Jesus

    A. Of Truth

    B. Of Compassion

    C. Of Humanity

    D. Of Victory

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