The Gospel: It's Good News

October 9, 2016 Preacher: Markes Wilson Series: The People of God

Topic: Christian Living Passage: John 3:16–18

The Gospel: It's Good News
Christ Proclamation Church
John 3:16-18
October 9, 2016

Sermon Theme: The good news of the gospel is that our holy, just and loving creator God made a way for sinful man to be delivered from the judgement we deserve thourgh the payment of another.  Salvation is only available in Jesus, but it demands a response of repentance and faith.

I.  Perfect God
    A. The Righteous Creator
    B. The Mighty Sovereign
    C. The Loving Father

II.  Fallen Man
    A. Purposeful Image
    B. Complete Rebellion
    C. Deserving Judgement

III.  Jesus the Christ
    A. The Promised Savior
    B. The Willing Sacrifice
    C. The Only Way

IV.  Response

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