From Suffering to Exaltation

November 12, 2017 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Genesis

Topic: Genesis Passage: Genesis 41:1–41:57

From Suffering to Exaltation
Christ Proclamation Church
Genesis 41:1-57

Sermon Theme: As believers in Christ, we are called to follow the pattern of Jesus, that first comes suffering and then exaltation. But the clear motivation throughout all of Scripture is that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us. 

I. The Wisdom of God - (41:1-39)
    A. Joseph Summoned from the Pit – (41:1-14)
        1. Pharaoh's Disturbing Dreams
        2. Pharaoh's Need for Interpretation
    B. Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams – (41:15-32)
    C. Joseph Instructs Pharaoh's Plan – (41:33-36)
    D. Joseph Has the Spirit of God – (41:37-38)

II. The Exalted Servant - (41:39-45)
    A. Joseph is Highly Exalted – (41:39-44)
        1. Exalted in His Position
        2. Exalted in His Power
        3. Exalted in His Prestige

    B. Joseph is Presented as an Egyptian – (41:45)

III. The Savior of the World - (41:46-57)
    A. Joseph Progresses His Plan – (41:46-49)
    B. Joseph Prospers His Family – (41:50-52)
    C. Joseph Provides for the World – (41:53-57)

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