The One True Passover Lamb

September 30, 2018 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Biblical Theology

Passage: Exodus 12:1–12:51

The One True Passover Lamb
Christ Proclamation Church
Exodus 12:1-51
September 30, 2018

Sermon Theme: Jesus came to be the One True Passover Lamb to deliver us from the judgment of God and the power of sin. To do so, He willingly offered Himself up as a substitute for our salvation. Therefore, we should respond with gratefulness and praise as we constantly remember His goodness and grace.

I. The First Passover – (Exodus 12:1-51)
   A. Enslaved People – (Exodus 1:8-14)
   B. Promised Judgement – (Exodus 11:4-7)
   C. Spotless Substitute – (Exodus 12:1-13)
   D. Secured Freedom – (Exodus 12:28-32, 51)

II. The Final Passover – (Luke 22:1-23)
   A. Passover Preparation – (Luke 22:1-13)
   B. Passover Meal – (Luke 22:14-23)

III. The Fulfilled Passover – (Application)
   A. One True Spotless Lamb of God
   B. One Identified with His People
   C. One Willing to Suffer
   D. One Deliverance from Judgement & Slavery

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