Good News In The Wilderness

November 4, 2018 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: Mark

Topic: Mark

Good News In The Wilderness
Christ Proclamation Church
Mark 1:1-13
November 4, 2018

Sermon Theme – Jesus is the Promised Messiah who enters into the wilderness of our lives to do battle with the devil; and where Adam and Israel failed, the Lord Jesus will prevail and win the victory on our behalf, as our great Rescuer.

I. Introduction Of The Messiah – (1:1-3)
   A. The Beginning of Good News – (1:1)
       1. Jesus is the Christ
       2. Jesus is the Son of God
   B. The Fulfillment of O.T. Promises – (1:2-3)

II. Preparation For The Messiah – (1:4-8)
   A. With a Baptism of Repentance – (1:4-6)
   B. With a Testimony of Superiority – (1:7-8)

III. Affirmation Of The Messiah – (1:9-11)
   A. Identified with His People in Baptism – (1:9)
   B. Anointed for His Messianic Office – (1:10)
   C. Approved for His Messianic Work – (1:11)

IV. Confirmation Of The Messiah – (1:12-13)
   A. Tempted in the Wilderness – (1:12-13a)
   B. Triumphs over the Devil – (1:13b)

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