Understanding Grace

April 19, 2019 Speaker: Steve Thiel Series: The Week that Changed The World

Topic: Easter 2019 Passage: Luke 23:26–23:43

Understanding Grace
Christ Proclamation Church
Friday, April 19, 2019
Luke 23:26-43

Sermon Theme – Jesus Christ is the sinless Son of God who willingly endured the wrath of God so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. One crucified criminal encountered Jesus on Good Friday and came to understand grace, the undeserved gift of eternal life in Paradise with Him.

I. The Context of Calvary
  A. The Irony of Calvary – (Luke 23:32-34)
  B. The Uniformity of Calvary – (Luke 23:35-38)

II. The Contrast at Calvary
      1. The Change of Heart – (Matthew 27:44)
      2. The Fear of God – (v.40)
      3. The Ownership of Sin – (v. 41a)
      4. The Acceptance of Judgement – (v.41b)
      5. The Innocence of Christ - (v. 41c)

      6. The Confession of Faith - (v.42a)

      7. The Plea for Grace - (v42.b)

III. The Conversion at Calvary
  A. The Glory of Grace – (Luke 23:43a)
  B. The Promise of Paradise - (Luke 23:43b)

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