Resolved to Render Yourselves to God

February 2, 2020 Preacher: Scott Terry Series: Resolved 2020

Topic: Resolved 2020 Passage: Luke 20:19– 21:4

Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 2/2/2020
Luke 20:19 - 21:4

Sermon Theme: Having been created in God’s image, we are to render ourselves completely to God. Having been born in sin, we must be recreated in the image of Christ, so that we may spend our lives for his glory.

I. Tense Circumstances (Luke 20:19-20)
  A. Pronounced judgment on the religious leaders
  B. Committed to destroy Jesus
  C. Look out! It's a trap!

II. Tough Questions (Luke 20:21-25)
  A. Is it lawful?
  B. Whose likeness?
  C. Render accordingly!

III. Render Ourselves to God (Luke 21:1-4)
  A. Uphold the authority of God's Word.
  B. Bear the image of Christlike humility.
  C. Be generous, even sacrificial, in our offerings.

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