Salt and Light

August 14, 2022 Preacher: Craig Hurty Series: Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Living in a Fallen World

Passage: Matthew 5:13–16

Salt and Light
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 8/14/2022
Matthew 5:13–16

Sermon Theme: The truth of God’s kingdom was proclaimed by the coming of Jesus and the testimony of his followers. That testimony continues today and means that believers are salt and light to a fallen world. They are both useful and visible in doing good works to the praise of God’s glory!

I. USEFUL TO A FALLEN WORLD - (Matthew 5:13)
    A. Applying God's Wisdom
        1. Honoring God
        2. Self-Sacrificing Behavior
    B. Avoiding Corruption
    C. Effective Witness to the Truth

II. VISIBLE TO PROCLAIM - (Matthew 5:14–15)
    A. Illuminating the Truth - (Matt. 5:14)
        1. Self-Evident
        2. Stands Out
        3. Benefits Everyone
    B. Not Hidden or Covered - (Matt. 5:15)
        1. Impossible to Try
        2. Impractical to Do

    A. Blessed People Who Shine Brightly
    B. Displaying the Work of the Kingdom
    C. Bringing Glory to Their Father in Heaven

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