Heavenward Generosity

February 18, 2024 Preacher: Richie Pendred Series: 1 Timothy

Passage: 1 Timothy 6:11–19

Heavenward Generosity
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 02/18/2024

Sermon Theme: In view of the majesty of God and the hope of future glory, Christians must fight the goof fight of faith by fleeing the temptations to store up weath for earthly gain and be radically generous with all that they have for the good of the church and for the fame of Christ's Name among the nations!


I. Fight of Faith - (1 Timothy 1:1-6:16)

    A. Context of the Fight of Faith - (1 Tim. 1:1-6:10)

    B. Summary of Fight of Faith - (1 Tim. 6:11-16)

        1. Flee Ungodly Living - (v.11a)

        2. Pursue Godly Living - (v.11b-16)


II. Fight for Generosity - (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

    A. Hope in Our Generous God - (v.17)

    B. Call to Generosity - (v.18)

        1. To Do Good - (v.18a)

        2. Rich in Good Works - (v.18b)

        3. Willful Generosity - (v.18c-d)

    C. Result of Our Generosity - (v.19)


III. Call to be Generous - (Application)

    A. Give Knowledgeably

    B. Give Willingly


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