Clash of Kingdoms

April 7, 2024 Preacher: Garet Halbert Series: 2 Samuel

Passage: 2 Samuel 2:8– 4:12

Clash of Kingdoms
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 04/07/2024

Sermon Theme: People naturally reject rather than accept realities they don't desire, often to their own detriment. God has establisted the one true king and kingdom, yet people reject this reality for the failing kingdom of the world. So, let's be those who accept King Jesus and seek the increase of His Kingdom!


 I. Two Kingdoms Rise — (2 Samuel 2:8-3:5)

    A. Two Kingdoms Established - (2:8-11)

    B. Two Kingdoms Established - (2:12-28)

    C. One Kingdom Increases - (2:29-3:5)

II. One Kingdom Falls — (2 Samuel 3:6-4:12)

   A. Commander Changes Kingdoms - (3:6-25)

   B. Commander Falls before the Wicked - (3:26-39)

   C. King & Kingdom Fall - (4:1-12)

III. One Kingdom Remains — (Application)

   A. Kingdom of God vs. Kingdom of This World

   B. Only the Kingdom of God Remains 

       1. Accept the Reality of God's Kingdom

       2. Seek the Increase of God's Kingdom


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