The Gospel

At Christ Proclamation Church, we believe that the gospel is the power of God both for salvation and sanctification (Romans 1:16, 1 Peter 2:1-3).  The good news of Jesus Christ is the solution to our biggest problem, which is sin.  It's the only answer to life's most important question. 

And life is full of questions. Some are trivial, some more serious — and some tremendously important. Even as you read these words you may have questions about your health, your financial situation, your job, your family or your future.

But the greatest, the ultimate questions, are about God and your relationship to him. Nothing in life is more important than this. Good health, financial stability, secure employment, a contented family and a hopeful future are all things that people want. Yet even these are temporary and eventually pointless unless you have a living relationship with God, one that is clear and certain — and will last for ever.

In the following pages you will discover why such a relationship is so urgently needed — and how it is possible.  The questions that follow are the most serious and important that anyone could ask. The answers are those that everyone needs.  Please read these pages thoroughly and carefully — and if necessary more than once.  You cannot afford to miss their message.

Ultimate Questions

1. Is anyone there?
2. Is God speaking?
3. What is God like?
4. Who am I?
5. What went wrong?
6. Is sin serious?
7. Where do I go from here?
8. Can religion help?
9. Is there an answer?
10. Why the cross?
11. How can I be saved?
12. Which way now?


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