Competition in the Kingdom of God

What does the bible have to say about competition in the Kingdom of God? In other words, should we be comparing and competing with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Should we concern ourselves with what the Lord has called them to in comparison to our calling?

Well Jesus, in John chapter 21, says we should concern ourselves with just one thing. And that is following hard after Him. If you remember, Peter has just been restored by the Lord Jesus Christ and is called to lead the people of God by teaching and caring for them, but in the end, his commitment to Christ will cost him his life. When he hears the news, he wants to know how that compares with the Apostle John’s calling. But in response, Jesus says this, “If I want him [the Apostle John] to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” Do you see? Jesus makes it very simple for us. No competing. No comparing. And no need to concern ourselves with the calling of others. We simply need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and faithfully follow Him!

Something to think about from the Proclamation point of view.