Local Missions


At Christ Proclamation Church, we value the good news of the gospel and we value people's lives. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus calls and commands us to be making disciples of all the nations by going, baptizing, and teaching. That doesn't just take place across the globe in other nations but across the road with other members of your community. We also value partnering with local ministries into to engage our community is ways that are practical, encouraging, and life-transforming. Let me introduce you to some of those local ministries!


We are excited to partner with Amirah as we join together with churches around New England to bring the hope of the gospel to some of the most vulnerable and oppressed among us: victims of human trafficking. Amirah specializes in providing wholistic, aftercare recovery for women who are rescued out of the wicked cycle of sexual exploitation. The name, "Amirah," comes from the Persian word for "princess" or "daughter of the king." As the name implies, Amirah affirms what the Bible teaches, that human life is sacred, created in God’s image, and worthy of love, mercy and justice. Amirah's goal, therefore, is that each woman who comes through the program will be restored and empowered with a sense of her inherent value and God-given strengths.


Christ Proclamation Church has been given the great opportunity and privilege to minister the gospel at Kimberly Hall South, a local Windsor nursing home, on the third Sunday of each month. We gather the folks together for a short gospel-centered service, which includes singing and sharing, followed by a related Bible Study, discussion, and time of fellowship. Most recently, the ministry interns have led the nursing home residents through a sermon series on the "I AM" statements in the Gospel of John. We would be delighted for you and your family to join us! If you have any questions about the Proclamation Nursing Home Ministry, please contact Brendan Coburn.


We're excited to link arms with Speak for the Unborn (S4U) as we join together with churches all around the country to bring the hope of the gospel to a population that is struggling, hurting and desperate enough to consider aborting their own babies. S4U’s “Voice for Life Training Series” equips churches to serve in a way that is winsome, gospel-centered, and compelled by love. The Executive Director for S4U conducted four training sessions with Proclamation via a live Zoom conference call. The recordings for each session are located here. You may click on the following links to download the Training Manual for the training series and 20 Ways To Get Involved in Pro-Life Ministry


For 125 years, Springfield Rescue Mission (SRM) has meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, addicted, and poor by introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ and helping them apply the Word of God to every area of their lives. They have a rehabilitation program for homeless men and are hoping to build a dorm for women as well. There are both one-time opportunities as well as ongoing opportunities to serve in the Springfield Rescue Mission. Operation SONshine delivers an average of 250 nutritious meals per day to homeless people while faithfully interacting with them on the gospel. The Public Breakfast Program makes and serves well-balanced meals for up to 100 hungry men, women, and children, six days per week, and the Give Away Center can always use help sorting and organizing donated items. If you're interested, please Contact Josh C. at josh@christproclamation.org.