The Need for Repentance

March 29, 2020 Preacher: Steve Thiel Series: Ezra & Nehemiah

Topic: Nehemiah Passage: Nehemiah 13:1–31

The Need for Repentance
Christ Proclamation Church
Sunday, 3/29/2020
Nehemiah 13:1-31

Sermon Theme: God's people, rescued from exile and restored to Jerusalem, have fallen back into sin; and the only remedy is confrontation, confession and repentance. We too, as God's people, must be quick to listen to the Word, quick to own sin, quick to glory in grace, and quick to live transformed lives for God’s glory!

I. READING GOD'S WORD - (Nehemiah 13:1-3)
    A. Reading of God's Word (vv.1-2)
    B. Repenting of Israel's Sin (v.3) 

II. CONFRONTING MAN'S SIN - (Nehemiah 13:4-31)
    A. Sin of Neglecting the Temple (vv.4-14) 
        1. Practicing the Sin (vv.4-6) 
        2. Confronting the Sin (vv.7-11) 
        3. Repenting of Sin (vv.12-13) 
        4. Praying for Grace (v.14)
    B. Sin of Profaning the Sabbath (vv.15-22) 
    C. Sin of Marring Foreign Wives (vv.23-31)

III. WALKING IN GOD'S WAY - (Application) 
    A. The Need to Take Sin Seriously
    B. The Need to Have People in Our Lives
    C. The Need to Walk in Joyful Obedience

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